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New Icon Brushs Set

Quick 07/07/2007 Edit:

Happy Nana Day for Everyone!
Happy Nana Day for Everyone!
Happy Nana Day for Everyone!
Happy Nana Day for Everyone!

For this day I made a list of all nana icons posted here. Enjoy!

All NANA Icons here o/Collapse )

New design here! Thanks resplandor for the stye and foto_decadent for the header images =).

A new set of icon brushes for you:

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Icons, Brushes, Textures and Wallpapers!

I'm back, with new design and some things! Various things!

1 Brushe Pack;
1 Texture Pack;
3 Wallpapers;
115 Icons.

See al the updates under the cut =]Collapse )

Invite and Requests Open!


I am writing today to be able to see who can codify mine brushes to be compatible with PSP and GIMP. Sets for the users of these applicatory ones would very like to make other users. If somebody to make use itself, please, comments!

Requests: open!

You can request:

- Brushes Sets;
- Iconsized Brushes Sets;
- Textures;
- Icon Textures;
- Other things, comment.


- To be as specific as possible with your request;
- Credits. Ever;
- The requests will be open for all.

To request anything, comment here or send me an email.

barbaracvs [at] gmail [dot] com

Please forgive me for the baaaaaaad English. I'm using the Google Translator o/!


45 Icons

45 new icons!

1 Nana
1 Various
43 Fashion


1 2 3

Much more here ->Collapse )

2007's First Brush Post XD

After some months (^^') I made 3 sets of Photoshop Brushes.

I hope that you like o/


New icons

Some years later...

24 new icons.

2 Nana
21 Fashion
1 Undefined :P


1 2 3

More icons, master...Collapse )

Some years later...

Hail people!

After disappearance, I'm here!

These brushe packs had been posted on my DA, but not here. See one:

Random Borders


First Masks Set

Yes, I made my first set of mask brushes. o/


New Brushe Pack

Thanks for the 71 comments em my last icon brushes post. I love all *-*~

Now a set of brushes again o/